Glass Aftercare Complete Kit




The glass aftercare complete kit includes:

1 x Deluxe shower squeegee:
This deluxe squeegee has a chrome plated handle that is rust and tarnish free. The polished stainless steel blade holder secures a 10″ (254mm) wide grey coloured blade that effectively removes water spots and soap film. The blade is reversible to extend its service life. The Squeegee hangs on an attractively designed vacuum cup hook that installs easily without drilling.

1x Aftercare for shower glass:
Aftercare for shower glass is an all-in-one specialist cleaner, disinfectant and enhancer for the routine maintenance of anti-calcium treated shower glass. It is a non-abrasive cleaner which removes soaps, body fats and light limescale. It is an effective disinfectant to improve hygiene in the bathroom. The product will enhance anti-calcium coating for an even longer lasting performance.

1 x Limescale remover:
This product is effective for the removal of limescale from a wide range of surfaces and is suitable for all makes of showers.
It is effective for cleaning hard water scale from all types of glass, ceramic, enamel, metal and plastic surfaces in and around the home. It requires less effort to remove limescale for easier cleaning, is non-abrasive and environmentally responsible.
This product is not recommended for use on marble or surfaces not resistant to acid. We recommend testing the product on a small, discreet area prior to usage.

2 x e-cloths for cleaning and polishing
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Weight 3 kg